2016 Health Insurance Exchanges: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Clear Choices Issues Grades and Recommendations for Online Enrollment Experience

WASHINGTON (December 11) -- Today, consumer-industry coalition Clear Choices released recommendations for improving HealthCare.gov and each of the state-based health insurance exchange websites via a new white paper. Clear Choices will officially issue the paper, 2016 Health Insurance Exchanges: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, at a congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. The paper offers constructive and practical recommendations for improving the insurance exchange websites to facilitate better consumer plan choices.

“While the exchanges have made considerable upgrades to their websites since the initial 2014 rollout, there is still substantial room for improvement,” said Clear Choices President Joel White. “Despite the existence and use of private sector technologies like integrated provider network and drug formulary directories, consumer decisions are hampered -- needlessly -- by websites that do not go far enough to help them make the best possible coverage decisions.”

As of June, 9.9 million health care consumers were enrolled in the Affordable Care Act's state-based and federally-facilitated exchanges. Clear Choices carefully pinpointed the consumer-facing features that guide informed online enrollment choices and graded HealthCare.gov and each state-based exchange on everything from customized window-shopping and out-of-pocket cost calculators to user-friendly navigation and web-page prose.

"Clear Choices is the first organization to take a deep, analytical dive into the newly upgraded 2016 insurance exchanges," said White. "Leveraging input from patients, providers, and industry giants, we're boldly pointing to the ACA marketplace's strong and weak spots, and suggesting remedies to help support optimal consumer choices."

More and better health care choices mean nothing if consumers don't have the tools to make informed decisions. Clear Choices's white paper should serve as a policymaker's roadmap to creating modern, dependable online health plan shopping experiences. Even during a contentious election year, Congress, the Department of Health and Human Services and state leaders can and should unite behind curing the online enrollment headache.


To view the 2016 insurance exchange websites scorecard please click here.

To view a full copy of the white paper please click here.

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