Opinion: Improving health care outcomes at an affordable cost- a case for transparency

by: Patty Starr & Tim F. Kowalski, 2/26/15

Ohio is one of 11 states to be awarded a "State Innovation Model" grant to transform the way we pay for and deliver health care services. With a $75 million award from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Innovation Center, payment for health care services in Ohio will shift to a model that rewards better outcomes of care at lower costs instead of just paying for the tests, treatments and hospitalizations that are prescribed.

The change is long overdue. In our current model of payment, which pays only for services rendered, Ohioans have gotten what we've paid for: high health care costs without improved health. Only 10 states have higher per-capita costs and poorer overall health than Ohio, a recent Health Policy Institute of Ohio report found. These are longstanding problems for purchasers, patients and the health of our economy.