We believe health care transparency - on price, quality, and safety - can help reduce health costs and improve health outcomes by empowering consumers to make better health choices. Unfortunately, current federal and state efforts are not effectively leveraging the latest technology and available data to achieve these goals. To achieve this, we believe there should be:

  • Better tools for consumers and employers to make informed decisions;
  • More data in the hands of more experts to power consumer tools; and
  • More competitive markets where consumers can use comparative tools.


The Clear Choices Campaign will identify and advocate for immediate legislative and regulatory opportunities, including:

  • Provide up-front information on plan choices. Improve transparency on the federally-facilitated and state-based health insurance exchanges, including requiring information be made available to consumers in advance of an enrollment decision. This would include: searchable on-line formularies and information on the formulary exception process; provider network status and directory; summary of benefits and coverage; and whether a plan is an HSA-eligible product.
  • Provide up-front information on health care providers. Provide consumers access to information that is accurate, meaningful, and usable to help them make decisions about their health care providers, including price, quality, safety, and outcomes.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency measures used to grade health care providers. Prioritize the number of measures to help reduce the reporting burden on providers, while also ensuring an appropriate balance between outcomes and process measures, and measures for overuse, underuse, and misuse.
  • Expand data sharing programs. Expand the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data sharing program to get more data in the hands of more experts (H.R. 804, the Expanding the Availability of Medicare Data Act).