The United States is projected to spend more than $40 trillion on healthcare over the next decade. In fact, the all-in cost of family health coverage increased from 18 percent of the median family income in 2002 to 35 percent today. Often, consumers don't know anything about the cost or quality of care their dollars buy. We think that's wrong, and we want to change that. Below are some of the many driving forces behind Clear Choices.


Information Disconnect

  • Consumers have less information on the cost and quality of their doctor than they do on the cost and quality of their TV.
  • Prices within local markets can vary by as much as 700 percent.

Data Hoarding

  • Medicare and Medicaid data is not available to health plans or employers to help them select the safest and most efficient healthcare providers for their employees.
  • Some hospitals forbid health plans from sharing prices with consumers.

Consumer Empowerment

  • The HealthCare.gov website does not provide a user-friendly means for consumers to search or compare health plans that cover their preferred drugs and providers.
  • Even with the ACA, roughly 30 million Americans will remain uninsured and have no way to compare provider  prices and quality.

Families Hit Hard

  • The average deductible for a 2015 ACA Silver Plan is $2,900 for an individual and $5,800 for a family.

It's time for health care transparency.